Testing Redux Connected React Components Using Jest

Post banner for post - Testing Redux Connected React Components Using JestTesting React components connected to a Redux store using Jest and React Testing Library.

Running a Nuget Feed on S3 with Automated Deployments

Post banner for post - Running a Nuget Feed on S3 with Automated DeploymentsThere are many ways of creating a Nuget feed. but did you know that you can run a Nuget feed on S3 without any computing infrastructure? In this post, I will show you how you can create a Nuget feed on S3 using Sleet and automate the deployment process for packages.

Deploying a Website on S3 With SSL, Continuous Integration

Post banner for post - Deploying a Website on S3 With SSL, Continuous IntegrationIn this post, I am creating a website and host it on S3 and setup a continuous integration pipeline setup using Gitlab

Creating a Re-Usable Presto Worker Image in EC2

Post banner for post - Creating a Re-Usable Presto Worker Image in EC2Creating a machine image that can be used to spin up presto worker instances without configuring each one. this could be helpful when you don't want to use any orchestration tool

React Form Validation Using Custom Hooks

Form validation in react is bit tricky. This is an attempt to make it bit easy by using react hooks. here we write few custom hooks to create a re-usable validation logic that can be used in any form.

Multiple Linear Regression With Python

Regression is a machine learning model which we can use to predict values by using previously observed data. In simple linear regression, we had to use only one independent variable for the prediction. but in the real world often a dependent variable is dependent upon several variables.

Simple Linear Regression With R

Regression models are used to predict real values such as salary, spending, income. Simple linear regression is a model of regression which is used to identify the correlation between two variables and possibly predict the dependent variable by using the independent variable.This will enable us to establish a relationship between two attributes such as Income and Spending and we can use what we know about the relationship to forecast unobserved values.

The Essence of Machine Learning

Machine learning can significantly improve the performance of a system. This could be very beneficial for businesses or any other application. So if someone comes to you and suggest you a business idea that involves machine learning, how do you decide that a machine learning implementation is feasible with the particular idea?

Data Pre-Processing With R

Before feeding our dataSet into a machine learning algorithm it's absolutely necessary to pre-process the data where we should clean and re-shape our data to get the maximum performance from our machine learning models. In this post, I will go through a set of procedures which you can use to pre-process a data set.

Running FFmpeg in AWS Lambda using NodeJS

When you have a requirement to do something on video/ audio files, the tool of choice would be FFmpeg which is free and open source. In this post I go through a way you can setup FFmpeg in AWS Lambda.