Tag: web

  • Deploying a Website on S3 With SSL, Continuous Integration(Mon, Aug 5, 2019)
    In this post, I am creating a website and host it on S3 and setup a continuous integration pipeline setup using Gitlab
  • React Form Validation Using Custom Hooks(Mon, Jun 24, 2019)
    Form validation in react is bit tricky. This is an attempt to make it bit easy by using react hooks. here we write few custom hooks to create a re-usable validation logic that can be used in any form.
  • A Service Gateway Using NodeJS(Thu, Mar 15, 2018)
    In this post I am writing a simple and minimal service gateway using JavaScript and NodeJS which can handle authentication , authorization.
  • Service Helper — Seamlessly Send Request in Angular(Thu, Mar 15, 2018)
    When using Angular 2+ to build web stuff , we use services to get data from our back-end services. usually most of these service calls are HTTP requests. Angular provides the Http class to send HTTP request, this has built on the Observable API. When we send a request, it returns an Observable which can be used to use the response returned by the server.