Tag: aws

  • Running a Nuget Feed on S3 with Automated Deployments(Sat, Nov 2, 2019)
    There are many ways of creating a Nuget feed. but did you know that you can run a Nuget feed on S3 without any computing infrastructure? In this post, I will show you how you can create a Nuget feed on S3 using Sleet and automate the deployment process for packages.
  • Deploying a Website on S3 With SSL, Continuous Integration(Mon, Aug 5, 2019)
    In this post, I am creating a website and host it on S3 and setup a continuous integration pipeline setup using Gitlab
  • Creating a Re-Usable Presto Worker Image in EC2(Thu, Jul 25, 2019)
    Creating a machine image that can be used to spin up presto worker instances without configuring each one. this could be helpful when you don't want to use any orchestration tool
  • Running FFmpeg in AWS Lambda using┬áNodeJS(Thu, Feb 21, 2019)
    When you have a requirement to do something on video/ audio files, the tool of choice would be FFmpeg which is free and open source. In this post I go through a way you can setup FFmpeg in AWS Lambda.