Running FFmpeg in AWS Lambda using NodeJS

When you have a requirement to do something on video/ audio files, the tool of choice would be FFmpeg which is free and open source. In this post I go through a way you can setup FFmpeg in AWS Lambda.

One Method, Different Implementations

We can set Func<>s as properties, so people can call them just like methods, and we can change the function from the constructor according to the user's needs. in this example, I am creating a class which has few methods to download data, the user of the class can decide whether they should cache the results or not

A Service Gateway Using NodeJS

In this post I am writing a simple and minimal service gateway using JavaScript and NodeJS which can handle authentication , authorization.

Genie - An Efficient Way to Access Data

Almost all the time we need a database to run our apps. most of the time, these databases are relational databases. as everyone knows we must use SQL to access these databases. writing an SQL query for every database call is a pain and no one does that these days. instead, we use something called ORMs (Object Relational Mappers). we can use an ORM to access databases without writing SQL or worrying about mapping relations to objects. there are a lot of ORM implementations for every popular language.

Service Helper — Seamlessly Send Request in Angular

When using Angular 2+ to build web stuff , we use services to get data from our back-end services. usually most of these service calls are HTTP requests. Angular provides the Http class to send HTTP request, this has built on the Observable API. When we send a request, it returns an Observable which can be used to use the response returned by the server.